Wellness Within offer a wide range of personal and professional development opportunities that are available, free of charge, to all WW employees and clients. The purpose of our staff and client enrichment program is to improve our employee's skillset and to help our clients develop life skills from local and global experts from across the world. Our employees will gain a necessary level of knowledge and skill to be more productively and effectively to perform his or her job. Our clients will acquire and improve skills needed to function as appropriately and independently as possible in the home and community.


We offer a 12-month curriculum that combines online training, self-directed learning, and face-to-face workshop experiences. In our program we will work through the online modules and workbooks at their own pace. Each month, we will host a development seminar where our staff and client will meet at the office to review materials in the preceding learning track. They will participate in exercises and role-playing scenarios to apply learned material in a controlled and educational environment.


Some of our training topics for our staff focuses on personal and professional development training which topic area include training in the 5 areas of focus, work-life balance, leadership, burn out and managing your day-to-day stressors.  Some of our training topics for our clients focuses on balance of lifelong physical, emotional, social, environmental, intellectual, spiritual and cultural well-being through various services.

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